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1.what is your name?

2.what is your home address?

3.what city,province and country do you live in?

4.what is your telephone number? old are you?

when is your birthday

6.what grade are you in

7.what is the name of your school

8.tell me about your mother

9.tell me about your father

10.tell me about your brother or sister

11.tell me about your grandparents

12.what do you wnat to be when you grow up

13.what is your favorite color

14.what makes your happy?

15.tell me about your favorite game

16.tell me about a time when you were sad

17.tell me about your pets

18.tell me about the foods you like

19.tell me about a time when you were really anry

20.tell me all about the sports you like

21.tell me about your favorite movie

22.tell me about your friends

23.tell me about your favorite flavor of ice cream

24.tell me something that your do well

25.tell me about your favorite time of day,why?

26.what do  you do on the weekends

27.tell me about the best birthday your have ever had

28.where were you born

29.would you rather play inside or outside?why?

30.would you rather travel in a car,boat,plane,or train?why?

31.tell me about songs you like?

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